let's run free and carry on
let's run free and carry on

let's run free and carry on

20. California living. xo
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I went from smoking maybe 4 cigarettes a month to smoking 4 cigarettes a day.
Started smoking more cigarettes the day I thought I was going to lose my best friend because of something dumb I did.
So stressed by the fact that I could possibly lose someone I truly would do anything for.
Ended up losing her anyways because of her own problems
I’ll die young, I know it
Glad to say I had a good life. Sad to say my health went down because of petty problems.
I’m on my 3rd pack of cigarettes this month. 3rd pack. It used to take me months to finish 1 pack and all because I was so stressed off someone who in the end stopped giving a fuck. I became addicted to cigarettes because I was afraid of losing my best friend and ended up losing her anyways.
I smoked more because of stress. I’m not stressed anymore but now I’m addicted.
I’m so fucked



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